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3D Printing: Emerging Technologies in the Body, the Factory and More


3D printing or what most professionals from IT services companies near me like to call additive manufacturing has taken the modern world by storm. It is a developed technology that makes it surprisingly easy to create even the most intricate 3-dimensional object. The process of 3D printing involves the building of Computer Aided Design (CAD) in a layer by layer form. This object or design can be replicated in a 3-dimensional form through a 3D printer. The popularity of 3D printing has gone up so much so that industries and businesses are using this technique on a regular basis now.

So let’s find out the industries where this technique is being used.

Automotive Industry:Isn’t it just incredible to even imagine about the possibility of printing a whole car someday? But one automotive company has seemed to translate our very imagination. Local Motors, a company based out in Detroit has printed a small electric two-seater car called STRATI. What is more incredible is that the technology used in the process was extremely low in cost and took use of recyclable materials like carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. The whole car takes around 44 hours to get printing and leaves zero waste.

Food Industry:People from restaurateurs and food fraternity have taken a huge liking for 3D printing technique. And why shouldn’t they? Novelties such as Foodini have made it incredibly easier to create healthy and fresh food fast. This compact device is equipped with a capsule model to make it more convenient to use. There is even a buzz that within the next 5 years, Foodini could be used as a microwave machine. Even scientists from NASA are programming ways to explore the additive manufacturing in food with a desktop 3D printer.

Medical industry:If one is to dig into the significant changes 3D printing has brought into the field of medicine, he will have to go deeper. With the coming of 3-dimensional printing, the future of medical science seems revolutionary. Doctors around the world are tapping the potentials of this technique by integrating it into their practices. In Brazil, doctors got immense success in printing a silicon prosthesis part of a man’s face which got infected by cancer.

With IT support Virginia, Dentists are utilizing the precision of this technique which enables them to print anything from their medical files. The technique is taking over the traditional process of making casts and impressions for prosthetics teeth.

 Environmental Engineering & Architecture:The industries that have succeeded in making a timely use of 3D printing are architecture and environmental engineering. For instance, two engineers from Field Ready, a humanitarian organization used their land Rover as a stationary platform and charger to a tabletop 3D printer to create a plastic fitting for water pipes. What significant here is that the engineers were able to create these fitting and solve the water crisis that hit a village right after an earthquake in just 15 minutes.

Projects like WinSun Villa have made it evident that the civil construction sector can profit from the innovation and creativity 3D printing brings. Architects are putting into use this technology for creating accurate diagrams of cities and neighborhoods in hour’s time. Previously, the process would take months in end to finish.